Tonight Alive - Lonely Girl

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Evan Peters as Jimmy Darling in American Horror Story: Freak Show 

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Violent Relationships with Dr. Leelia Franck

This really annoys me now. Women can take the road of involuntary manslaughter with the defence of having battered wife syndrome and usually they get off without a imprisonment because even though it’s to do with mental health it doesn’t add up to insanity. Many women who are in a violent relationship that has been happening for a while get this disorder and it can lead to the murder of their partner. It isn’t their fault and they shouldn’t be imprisoned for it, but took up until the not so many years ago the disorder has been recognised as a defence.

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So I asked my boyfriend to talk dirty to me in Bulgarian during sexytime…


It was incredibly hot, until I recognized the word “tomato” and asked him what he was saying. He then admitted that he was explaining how to make a salad.

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